Since I am going into self-publishing for my older manuscripts, I realize this is actually a writing business.  Advice from various authors on the internet suggests writing a business plan so you know what you plan to accomplish.

What is the purpose of your writing/business?

Well, obviously to produce stories and sell them.  But what are your goals for your writing business?  How will you know what projects to select?  How do you know what will satisfy your creative urge?

You need a business plan, and the first thing you write in a business plan is the Mission Statement.  My research revealed there seem to be two types of Mission Statements.  The more emotional ones talk about satisfying the creative urge and what you hope your readers will take away from your story.

The more factual approach talks about creative product types  (novels, novellas, short stories, etc) and what genres the endeavor will focus on.

Until I realized there were two types of mission statements, I couldn’t articulate mine.  Once I realized there were two types, I combined them to produce my own.  Now my mission statement is on pink paper as the first page of my business plan.  Since no one else will see my plan but me, I don’t feel constrained to the professional white paper.  The first paragraph contains the factual sentences of what products and genres I intend to write.  The second one states why I have this creative urge, and now my writing business can move forward.