This month my RWA chapter’s program looked at Facebook ads.  Whether your book is traditionally or self-published, today’s author must be savvy about promotion.  Unless you are a big name author, you are unlikely to be given promotion for your novel.  It’s up to you to do, and therefore, it’s up to you to learn about advertising.

Many moons ago, I earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.  Although my concentration was in accounting, I did have to take an introduction to marketing course.  My chapter decided this month’s program would be a couple of free videos posted by Mark Dawson, who is considered one of the gurus on how Facebook ads work.

His first video talked about setting up an advertising campaign and how the author must design a purpose for it.  Otherwise, how do you know if the campaign succeeded?  Some possible goals were more people added to the author’s mailing list or more sales for the book.  I vaguely remembered some such points from that long ago marketing class.

He talked about determining your ideal reader.  Once you know who she is, then you can find her.  This immediately struck a chord with me, and I saw who my ideal reader was.  I started writing down the traits of someone who would enjoy my traditional Regencies.  I won’t list everything here, but some things that came to mind were a woman who likes BBC period pieces, a fan of author Carla Kelly and most likely an American.

These are all characteristics of me, which is no surprise.  If you enjoy writing something, you’re most likely to be a reader of it.

So if I were targeting me/ideal reader, I’d look at places where fans of Downton Abbey, Jane Austen and the Poldark series gathered and join those groups.  Since I don’t want to push my books when interacting on social media, I need to become a member of those places and start commenting now.  Then, when one of my books is published, I can make an announcement, and it’s to friends and people who already know me.

There was much more in the videos that I learned.  They were an excellent (free) introduction.  To check them out, use the link below: