Sunday, July 17, was my day to fly home. I was able to get a direct flight to my city out of San Diego, but the plane didn’t leave until 5 o’clock at night.  So I watched my roommates pack up and depart for the airport first.  Although it was time to say good-bye, meeting such nice ladies was a reminder of how many wonderful women I’d encountered in the past few days.  I’d exchanged business cards with quite a few and made a resolution to try to keep in touch via e-mail once I’m back home.

My critique partner Tamra Baumann and her husband invited me to join them for brunch at a restaurant within walking distance.  We ate at the Lazy Hippo where all of us ordered different versions of Eggs Benedict.  Because my daughter loves hippos, I had to have a photo taken.  Two other writers also joined us, including last night’s Golden Heart winner in the Inspirational category, Kimberly MacCarron.  She described how when making her speech she used her fingers to count off the names acknowledging her five children.  But only four fingers went down on the podium.  Had she forgotten to name one of them?  We teased her about scarring a child for life, but Tamra assured her all five were named.

After brunch, I checked out of the hotel and headed to the airport.  Although I had some time to wait, the plane was on time and the ride home smooth.  My husband picked me up, and thus ended my RWA adventure in San Diego.
Maybe I can repeat it in Orlando in 2017?

Lazy Hippo Restaurant sign