You may notice something new about my web site.  I added a link to subscribe to my newsletter on both my Home and Contact Me pages.  When I was at RWA, one of the many tips I learned recommended a newsletter for your fans.  After a reader has finished your book, and especially if she enjoyed the story, she wants to read more by you.  The way to alert readers to a new story is to send out a newsletter when a new book is available.  Over and over at RWA, I heard these fans are your most valuable readers because they already like you.  To keep them, a newsletter is the answer.

One workshop speaker, who now has over 10,000 subscribers, told how she started out a couple of years ago with only six—and one of them was her Uncle Max.  I say good for Uncle Max!  Tales like that encourage other just starting out writers like me.  🙂

I decided to use the MailChimp newsletter service.  Based upon what I’d heard other writers say I liked that the templates were said to be easy to use, that I would have control/ownership of the subscriber list and that the first 2,000 subscribers were free.  Since I don’t yet have one subscriber, this price certainly attracted me!  (Do you want to subscribe?  See the link below.)

The control/ownership of the list was also important to me.  I’ve heard other writers talk about how their subscriber lists were owned by their web site developer.  They had to go through that person to do anything with their list.  For the same reason that I built my own small web site, I wanted access to my own list without having to ask someone else’s permission.  Using Google and MailChimp, I was able to set up my account and start on my sign up form.  I’m sure problems will be discovered, but at least I’ve begun.

To become a VIP Reader and subscribe to my newsletter, please click on the link below: