This has been my first week as a self-published author, since on Saturday, August 27, 2016, I made my first book The Spinster and the Wastrel available as an e-book.  Because this is my first attempt at doing any self-publishing, I tried to choose the easier options.  Amazon was my distributor of choice, and I elected to make my book available in their Kindle Unlimited program.  Originally I hadn’t planned to participate in that, but my critique partner had her self-published book in it and was pleased with the results, so I decided to do the same.

In the Kindle Unlimited program, readers pay a monthly fee to have access to read all the books available in it.  Amazon keeps track of the number of pages read for that month.  Then at the end of the month, the readers’ fees are divided by the number of pages read, and authors are paid per page.  The length of the book has no bearing on the number of pages paid.

To get ready to self-publish, I made sure I had a what I consider to be a lovely cover and the inside pages properly formatted.  Because Spinster had been previously published, it was already edited, otherwise I would have had an editor go over my story.   I also set up all the necessary Amazon accounts.  I chose to make the book available in the USA, Great Britain and Canada.  Like I said.  I’m starting easy; world domination can come later.  🙂

This book was a Royal Ascot finalist, a Golden Heart® finalist and a RT Top Pick.  I have other books to put up now that I see how the process works, but I am very proud to once again make The Spinster and the Wastrel available to readers.