My sister Roseann is a huge supporter of my writing.  Ever since she learned I was getting into self-publishing, she has wanted to celebrate by having an author’s tea in my honor.roseann-at-tea

The problem with putting one together was the fact I live in the southwest, and she resides in Ohio.  But the end of September my high school class was having its 40th reunion and my first book would be available electronically.  The stars at last had aligned.  September 25th was the chosen date.

Because The Spinster and the Wastrel is currently only available electronically, I wanted some print books available to the guests.  I’d met Miranda Liasson at RWA in San Diego this past summer and realized she lived in Ohio.  She also knew some other authors from her Northeast Ohio RWA chapter.  Including me, there were five authors at the tea, representing a variety of romance sub-genres:  Chloe Flowers, Judy McDonough, Marin McGinnis, Miranda Liasson and me.


Roseann set out an extensive spread.  There were little sandwiches of  tuna salad, egg salad, proscuttio, and cucumber and caviar.  There were salads, there was a chocolate fountain for dipping strawberries and more kinds of cookies and delicacies than could be believed.  Of course, there were choices of tea and even pink sugar cubes so attendees could choose one lump or two (or more!)  A number of the tea cups came from our grandmother’s collection.  Because purple is my sister’s favorite color, she even offered a fountain of purple Gatorade for those who preferred to drink something else.  The piece de resistance was the purple rosette cake she baked and frosted after watching some internet videos.  It was going to cost Roseann $40 for a 6-inch cake that would only feed eight people.  She had many more guests than that to feed, so she made her own rosette cake  14 inches in diameter and four layers tall.  It turned out spectacular!


While the guests ate, a harpist played in the background. When she took a break, the authors read from their books.  I gave a short speech about what readers can do to promote their favorite authors.  Maybe at some point, I’ll post my points as part of a blog.  Then guests could purchase books and have them signed by the authors.  We even had a drawing of some books for a few lucky winners.

All in all, it was a beautiful event.  I very much appreciate the effort my sister put forth to make everything so nice for the authors and guests.