I mentioned in my post about the Romance Authors’ Tea that I had made a brief speech about the power of the readers.  I wanted to list those points here for those not fortunate enough to attend the tea.  🙂

The most important thing a reader can do for an author she likes, is tell someone.  Yes, word of mouth to your friends or a posting a Facebook is much appreciated.  So is leaving a review on either Amazon/Barnes & Noble or Goodreads.  Even better if that review can be left everywhere.  Proclaim how awesome you think this book is.

But most readers hesitate to leave reviews.  From book reports required in school, everyone dreads writing out what the story is about and delving into its theme.  Such requirements may have garnered a better grade from the teacher, but they are not required in a review.  Yes, a reader can describe why she liked a book using long paragraphs, but a short sentence works just as well.  Did the reader think the hero was clever or the heroine sassy?  Maybe the dog won the reader’s heart?  Did tears or laughter flow?  The important thing is to remember a review doesn’t have to be any longer than the reader wants to write.  To be frankly honest, it’s the number of reviews that sites like Amazon and BookBub look at.  A reader can make her voice count.

Readers can be alerted to the author’s new releases by clicking the yellow Follow on Amazon’s Author page for that writer.  Amazon will send an e-mail whenever a new story is available.  I have such a button on my Amazon Author page.  If you use the link below, you can go click the Follow button right now:


If she doesn’t want to miss out on any of the author’s future books, she can also subscribe to the author’s newsletter. I discussed doing that in the August 28, 2016 post. (https://louisebergin.wordpress.com/2016/08/28/setting-up-my-newsletter/)  This will have more interesting (and fun) stuff than an automatic e-mail from Amazon. Readers can do both.

Depending upon how fanatic a reader is, she can also Like the author’s Facebook page, follow her on Twitter, etc. Believe me, authors are very pleased to discover such loyal readers, and in appreciation, you get the opportunity to be first for something you love.