This Sunday is the end of the long Thanksgiving weekend.  It is a time to reflect on the blessings of family and friends and be grateful for the important moments in one’s life.  These aren’t always the milestones that are celebrated with grand announcements.  Sometimes, these moments are much quieter but no less precious.

I am happy to be a writer.  It is much easier for me to express myself through words than any other medium.  Since I learned to read in the first grade, books have taught me so much and exposed me to so many thoughts and different peoples and cultures.  Thus whenever I see a child learning the power of words, I want to encourage his efforts.  I want him to have the same broad experiences.

Recently a manila envelope arrived in the mail from my aunt.  I wasn’t expecting anything, and it wasn’t my birthday.  When I opened it, I found a brand-new story written and illustrated by my cousin’s daughter.  She is in the first grade.  The girl had dictated her Halloween story to my aunt who typed it into the computer and printed it out.

The accompanying note said she wanted me to have this story because she knew I was an author.  This child is just beginning to wield the tools of words, and she wanted to share her effort with me.  What a tremendous compliment!  I was flattered and thrilled.   Because she’d heard about (and met) me, she attempted to do the same thing.  I will save this story, and some day when she is grown, I will share it with her.  The moment made me realize you never know how your actions or sayings will impact another.

It also proved the truth about the proverb stating that children “catch” their beliefs from those around them.