Happy New Year!  Whether you liked 2016 or thought it was a disaster, those days are now in the past.  The future stretches before us with the road not yet potholed by obstacles.

I thought about titling this post Resolutions, but I like Plans better.  The word sounds more flexible, more adaptable to changing situations.  One thing we all know is the future is full of the unforeseen.

Still, I want to list my plans for this upcoming year.  Maybe having them written down will make me more accountable to my readers.  🙂

First, and most importantly, I will finish writing The Patriot’s Challenge.  This is my Georgian historical romance set in London, just before the American Revolution starts.  Benjamin Franklin is one of the secondary characters.

Next, I plan to write my first novella, which is a shorter story of between 12,000 to 40,000 words.  I’ve been mulling an idea over in my mind and have started making notes about the characters and scenes.  This story would be a traditional Regency.  I have never written a novella before but have taken some on-line classes to learn about this new format.  I’m quite excited to tackle this project.

Finally, I hope to at least start the final book in my Georgian trilogy.  Tentatively it’s titled The Earl’s Redemption.  I’m also gathering notes about characters and scenes for this story.

Lots of stories planned for the upcoming year.  I do hope to put these out for my readers because I think you’ll like them.