I may be a romance author, but sometimes true romance occurs in one’s life.  Yesterday, Second Son proposed to his girlfriend—and she said yes!  Happiness and joy all around as at some point we will be celebrating a wedding.  She is no longer a girlfriend but now Fiancée.  My husband and I are thrilled to welcome her into the family.

Although it is January and they live in Ohio, there was no snow on the ground when the proposal occurred.  In fact, they were participating in an orchid scavenger hunt by a lovely small lake, when Second Son went down on one knee with the ring.  How romantic!  I’m sighing at the thought.

So this week I don’t have any words of wisdom regarding writing, the business, the books I’m reading or fascinating historical tidbits.  I’m just reveling in the actuality of romance in our family.

Congratulations to Second Son and his Fiancée!

Second Son and Fiancee Jan 2017