Usually when someone talks about a person being creative, there is a narrow image of who that person is.  Creativity belongs to those who are artists, such as writers, painters, and musicians.  People who don’t have those careers or passions are not considered imaginative.

Like all stereotypes, this is a very narrow and incorrect picture.

If you think about it, creativity is part of every human endeavor.  At some point, someone had to invent the wheel!  Creativity continues to be found in every career choice, including my chosen area of accounting.  Yes, creative accounting.  Where do you think all those challenges to the Internal Revenue regulations come from?  Someone thought of a different way to interpret it to save money.

So artistic pursuits aren’t the only places creativity shines.  Sometimes a barking dog brings it out.

Our next door neighbors apparently received a puppy for Christmas.  At night, it is unhappy and lets everyone know with sustained (as in all night) barking.  Yes, we could call animal control to complain, but I fear what might happen to the dog once it shows up on the bureaucracy’s radar.

The barking reminds me of the line from the movie 101 Dalmatians where the dogs use the Twilight Bark to alert all the animals the puppies have been stolen.  Towser is a bloodhound who lives out in the country.  Once he hears the barking from the city, he decides to forward the message on to the Colonel, a sheep dog who lives even further out.  When the goose warns the Colonel might not hear because it is so late, Towser says, “Well I can try!  I’ll bark all night if I have to.”  The line always makes me laugh when I watch the movie. Now we are dealing with such a real life situation.

Fortunately, no other dogs have joined in the new puppy’s complaint, so we don’t have to handle a message on the Twilight Bark.  But how to quiet him down at night in order for us to sleep?

My husband thinks the puppy is lonely and wants some human presence.  He took an old radio and turned it on low next to the wall dividing our properties.  No one else can hear it, unless they are outside in our backyard.  The radio is tuned to an all-night talk station.  The dog’s sharp hearing is aware of the voice, and after about twenty minutes of  protest, he quiets down.  Someone is nearby.  My husband and I laugh.  We are indoctrinating the dog with talk radio, but at least, we get some sleep!


Towser from 101 Dalmatians