This year the romance writers’ conference was being held at Walt Disney World in Orlando,FL. I always love my chances to attend. Between the knowledge gained of the industry and the craft along with the excitement generated by having women who get me, I love being at RWA conferences.

I took the only non-stop flight between Albuquerque and Orlando. Although nearly four hours long, we managed to arrive early. My luggage appeared in baggage claim at good time, and the shuttle arrived promptly. I met two nice ladies on the shuttle, and we exchanged getting-to-know-conversation. One of the ladies even lives in the Albuquerque area. I hope I convinced her to join our local chapter.

My roommate was waiting in the lobby when I arrived at the Walt Disney Dolphin hotel. We introduced ourselves. Once we’d safely reached our room, dinner was the first thing on our mind. The New Mexican lady from the shuttle joined us, and the conversation flowed.

After dinner finished, we headed through the lobby to go to our room and continue talking. Of course, at RWA you can’t step anywhere without running into people you know. I ran into Angi Morgan who had also attended the newsletter workshop our chapter had put on. Even though it had only been two weeks ago, we had lots of news to catch up on. Each of us kept introducing more and more people walking by. After the crowd broke up, my roommate and I chatted for several hours longer. We’ve both been RWA members for a long time and lived through lots of different issues.

Already I can tell this is going to be a great conference. I’m so glad to be here.