When I returned late Saturday night, I was too tired to begin to process the RWA Orlando conference. Today I had more time to think. In summary, there were good things that happened, a couple of regrets, and a chance to see where I was at the end of last year’s conference compared to where I am now.

Good Things

  • Most importantly, my niece and her husband welcomed baby Lucy Charlotte on the day I left for RWA. A new member of the family is always cause for celebration.
  • My former next door neighbors, who now live in St. Augustine, made the two-hour trip to the hotel so I could share a wonderful meal with them. It was so good to catch up. I really appreciated the effort they made. They used their Disney pass to stay at the hotel and had a good time visiting the parks.
  • My friend and chapter president Jeffe Kennedy won the Rita for Best Paranormal Romance. A well-deserved award to a lady who works very hard to produce the best stories possible.
  • I gained new friends and said hello to others who I only see whenever conference comes around.
  • When I returned home, I immediately noticed my husband had switched the light pulls to our fan light in the master bedroom. For years, I’ve complained that the pulled label for the light switch was attached to turn on the fan. As I thanked him this morning for that repair, I said, “I know it didn’t bother you, but it annoyed me.” He responded, “It annoyed me every other morning when you pointed it out.” I love his sense of humor.
  • I was able to post daily to this blog about the conference, thus keeping my thoughts, experiences, and most helpful tips preserved in one spot. Accomplishing such a goal made me happy.
  • Writers should write. Not only did I write on my blog this conference during an evening writing sprint, but I came away with a flash fiction story courtesy of Heather Graham’s workshop.
  • The wonderful swag, including some small jars of honey, packages of candy, and a packet of recipes (my downfall.) Of course, I came home with thirty free books that I lovingly unpacked. How I look forward to reading their tales! I was especially pleased to obtain Rita-winning The Moon in the Palace: A Novel of Empress Wu by Weina Dai Randel and Alyssa Cole’s A Hope Divided, the sequel to An Extraordinary Union, which I won in a basket at my last chapter meeting.
  • With August comes the peach harvest. My husband had several peaches already picked and waiting when I walked in the door. I will need to create pies, jams, and jellies as our two trees put forth their fruit. Despite the work, this is a blessing.

Things Regretted

  • My biggest regret is I forgot to get a picture taken with Roger and Sharon. I remembered it too late, after we’d already parted ways.
  • Three pounds were gained on this trip. Tomorrow morning, it’s back to my walks and watching the portion control.
  • I would have liked to attend the yoga session, but I overslept. The chance to try new things is one of the benefits of the conference, and I missed this one.

Accomplishments Since Last Conference

  • The biggest thing I did was make The Spinster and the Wastrel available for sale on Amazon as an e-book.
  • By doing that, I created an Amazon Author page and learned to link this blog’s posts to both Facebook and the Amazon page.  https://www.amazon.com/Louise-Bergin/e/B001H6NQ9I/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1501473964&sr=8-1
  • I became more comfortable with using Scrivener, especially for research organization and producing documents using the Compile function.
  • And I kept blogging weekly, more or less consistently, throughout the year.

Although I won’t make the next RWA conference in Denver, Colorado, I have goals to accomplish before that event occurs, and the confidence to tackle them.

Peaches waiting for me when I returned home.