Saturday, April 4, my daughter gave birth to my first grandson. Yes, his birthday is 04/04/2020. Isn’t that an awesome date to have? His first birthday will be celebrated on Easter Sunday in 2021.

His arrival during such a time of global upset from the coronavirus is a happy occasion. Many years ago, I read a saying that babies were a sign God hadn’t given up on mankind. That is a very good message to receive.

My son-in-law was able to be present for the birth. He had to wait in the parking lot while my daughter checked to see if she would be admitted. She was and he followed her in within fifteen minutes. Once inside the room, they stayed there for the birth and overnight. Grandson spent the night with them, too. Apparently he wiggles and coos a lot! A good sign of how healthy he is.

Despite the world news, I am very happy and look forward to when I can safely hold him. Welcome to the family, little one!