A Posting Schedule Tip

Since I started this blog, my goal has been to usually put something up on Sunday. I’ve been fairly consistent, only skipping occasional weeks. It’s a writing deadline I don’t like missing, yet it means every Sunday making sure I have content to put up. I’d tethered myself to the internet and didn’t like the constraint.

When I started blogging, I immediately published on the expected Sunday. I draft my posts in Scrivener any time during the week, but Sunday was publishing day. From reading about other authors who posted consistently, I learned it was possible to write more than one post at a time and schedule when it would appear on my web site. But how to do this?

I am currently using the WordPress free site program for my web site. In the administrative dashboard where I control my site’s content, is a box to the right labeled Publish. I save and preview my posts here before releasing them onto the web. In that same Publish box is a little calendar icon. The default is to publish immediately when I hit the publish button. Yet, by clicking on the icon, I can set the date and time for the post to be released—especially helpful when I have something else important going on in my schedule.

I share this tip in case someone else wonders how to schedule posts. I had to find it by searching the web. In fact, this post was released on Sunday, but it wasn’t written that day. 🙂